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Pharmaceutical Errors

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Fort Smith Pharmaceutical Errors Attorneys

If you or someone you love has been injured, become ill, or died as a result of a pharmaceutical error, you may be entitled to financial compensation. The attorneys at McCutchen Napurano - The Law Firm are here to help you understand and fight for your legal rights when someone else’s negligence has caused you to suffer. Unfortunately, pharmaceutical errors are far too common in the medical field.

Experts estimate that preventable medication errors have affected more than 7 million patients and cost $21 billion every year. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a Fort Smith pharmaceutical error lawyer who can help you recover the costs associated with your pharmaceutical error. Contact us today at (479) 783-0036 or reach out to us online for a free consultation.

Do I Need a Pharmaceutical Errors Attorney?

Pharmaceutical errors are a form of medical malpractice as they can pose dangerous consequences for patients who are already in a vulnerable position. The medical professionals in charge of your care should be held responsible for their negligence and having a lawyer on your side is the best way to do that.

Hospitals often have a strong legal team on their side to defend themselves in cases like this, so you should also have someone who thoroughly understands the applicable laws and who has plenty of experience winning cases just like yours.

Why Choose McCutchen Napurano - The Law Firm to Handle My Case?

The team of experienced lawyers at McCutchen Napurano - The Law Firm know how debilitating it can be when the medicine you were given only makes your condition worse. We don’t want you to have to go through a legal battle too. We are proud that the Fort Smith community continues to trust us to fight for their rights for them after 27 years of successful cases.

Part of what it sets us apart is our Client Bill of Rights, a written policy we adhere to with every case, which gives you the right to receive constant communications about your case and make all final decisions about your case, among other rights.

What Are Pharmaceutical Errors?

Pharmaceutical errors are mistakes in the prescription and administration of drugs by a medical professional. These errors are preventable by thoroughly checking for possible drug interactions, taking patient history into account, and double checking prescriptions. Failure to properly administer or prescribe medicine leads to the following pharmaceutical errors:

  • Administering a drug at the wrong time
  • Failing to monitor a patient for a drug reaction or allergies
  • Dispensing the wrong drug dosage
  • Incorrectly administering a drug
  • Incorrectly labeling medication
  • Administering the wrong drug
  • Dispensing the patient a different patient’s drug
  • Overmedication for an invalid reason (ex. to make a patient more docile)
  • Prescribing drugs that do not interact well with the patient’s other medications
  • Failing to give sufficient instructions on drug use
  • Prescribing drugs that do not treat the patient’s condition

In addition to possibly causing serious harm, pharmaceutical errors can be costly for the patient, who should not have to be financially responsible for someone else’s negligence. When a pharmaceutical error happens, it can drastically increase your medical bills, cause extra time in the hospital that keeps you away from your family and your job, and take a severe emotional toll on you and your family.

Who Can Be Held Liable for Pharmaceutical Errors?

Since many people may be involved with the drug administration process, there is room for mistakes by different parties along the line that can cause you to suffer. Depending on your case, any of the following parties can be held liable for a pharmaceutical error:

  • Physicians: Your doctor is the one who decides what medicine you need to be taking, and they need to be certain that there is enough information about your condition and your medical history to make an informed and safe decision, selecting a drug that best treats your condition and does not lead to negative drug interactions.
  • Medical assistants: The people you see at the beginning of a doctor’s visit collect information about your symptoms, medical history, current prescriptions, and drug allergies. They need to be thorough when doing their jobs so that the doctor can make smart decisions about your treatment.
  • Nurses: Nurses administer your medicine when you are staying in a hospital or nursing home, and they need to verify every aspect of your medication every time you take a drug.
  • Pharmacists: When filling a prescription, pharmacists need to verify the correct medication and check for any errors other medical professionals have made. They also need to inform the patient about the drug they are taking.

Carelessness can occur at any stage of the process by any person involved, but it’s important that they are held accountable for such negligence.

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