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A number of Fort Smith residents use bicycles as a recreational tool to stay healthy or as a primary form of transportation. Regardless of how a bicycle is being used, the truth is that a cyclist is prone to greater injury than automotive vehicle drivers due to the lack of protection surrounding the bicyclist. Bicycles are an economical and environmentally friendly mode of transportation. As a bicyclist, you should not have to be constantly afraid of the repercussions of an accident.

At McCutchen Napurano - The Law Firm, our Fort Smith bicycle accident attorneys understand that medical bills and missed work create a financially stressful situation. We believe that you should not be held responsible for the injuries and resulting costs that another individual caused. Our mission is to find you the compensation you need to recover from your bicycle accident injuries.

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    Bicycle Accident Injuries

    Even while wearing a helmet and protective gear, an accident can cause significant damage to a bicycle rider. The following are common injuries due to accidents on a bicycle:

    • Cuts and bruises
    • Broken bones
    • Head injuries
    • Internal organ damage

    The bicycle accident lawyers at McCutchen Napurano - The Law Firm are diligent and skilled at what they do. If you or someone you know was wrongfully injured while riding a bicycle, our team of experienced lawyers wants to speak with you.

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    Bicycle accidents are common due to pedestrians and cars failing to adhere to traffic signs in the presence of cyclists. The bicycle accident lawyers at McCutchen Napurano - The Law Firm believe that you should be compensated for the pain and suffering you sustained due to the negligent actions of another person. Call (479) 783-0036 today to speak with a Fort Smith personal injury attorney about your legal options.