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Hospital Negligence

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Fort Smith Hospital Negligence Attorneys

Hospital negligence is one type of medical malpractice. A hospital is responsible for the negligent actions of its employees. When hospital negligence results in harm or slows the healing process, the hospital may owe damages to the victim. An experienced hospital negligence attorney in Fort Smith can help you determine if the hospital owes you damages for what occurred in your case.

When you are hospitalized, you rely on hospital employees to provide you with competent, skilled medical services. Most hospital patients do not have medical training. When you need hospitalization, you are not in a position physically or mentally to oversee your own medical care. Arkansas law allows you to rely on the hospital system and rely on hospital employees to provide competent medical care. When hospital employees provide service that does not rise to a reasonable standard of care, a victim who suffers harm as a result may seek justice through an Arkansas civil claim for medical malpractice.

Attorneys For Hospital Negligence in Fort Smith

If you have questions about the care that you receive in a hospital, the attorneys at McCutchen Napurano - The Law Firm can help you determine if you are the victim of hospital negligence. Medical malpractice in the form of hospital negligence is often subtle. You may not know that what happened to you is hospital negligence. It may just be clear to you that something is wrong.

The attorneys at McCutchen Napurano - The Law Firm have the experience to help you determine whether what happened in your case qualifies as hospital negligence. Usually, victims of hospital negligence do not have all of the details of what went wrong when their case begins. A victim may only know that something is amiss about their hospital stay.

That’s where the experienced attorneys at McCutchen Napurano - The Law Firm can help. Their hospital negligence attorneys use lawful court procedures to investigate each claim. They can assist you in bringing your claim from the initial investigation through case preparations, settlement negotiations, and trial. Call (479) 783-0036 for your free consultation.

What Qualifies as Hospital Negligence in Fort Smith?

Hospital negligence is the failure of one or more hospital employees to provide reasonable care based on professional standards. Even the combined failure of employees to coordinate acceptable care can amount to negligence. Negligence is a lack of care. The care is based on reasonable standards by medical professionals. Any way that hospital employees fail to provide the medical services that an ordinary, reasonable hospital should provide, negligence occurs. Some of the ways that hospital negligence can occur may include the following:

  • A failure to admit someone to the hospital when they need care
  • Not seeing someone soon enough in the emergency room based on their symptoms
  • Unsanitary care and cross-contamination
  • Discharging someone from the hospital too soon or without sufficient instructions for self-care and follow-up medical care
  • Inadequate nursing care that causes infections and bedsores
  • Medication errors like dosing errors, administering wrong medications or failing to check for drug interactions
  • Failing to make the proper diagnosis based on symptoms
  • Not ordering tests needed to make a proper diagnosis
  • Not giving a patient the information they need to make an informed decision about care
  • Intentional harm
  • Other types of failure to provide adequate care of any kind

Hospital negligence may leave a victim with new injuries. It may also mean that a victim fails to recover at the same rate they could recover from their injury or illness if they receive appropriate care. It may mean coping with significant discomfort or prolonged suffering that could have been avoided. Any kind of injury, setback, illness or even a lack of recovery that stems from negligent hospital care may serve as the basis for a hospital negligence claim in Fort Smith.

Arkansas Hospital Negligence Law

Arkansas law does not limit damages in a hospital negligence claim. In addition, Arkansas law does not require medical notice before filing a formal claim based on hospital negligence. However, there are time limits for a victim to assert their rights and claim compensation. It’s important to begin case preparation as soon as a victim is aware that they may be a victim of hospital negligence.

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