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One in four drivers in Oklahoma thought to be uninsured

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Posted on Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 at 8:11 pm    

Drivers in Oklahoma are required by law to carry a minimum form of car insurance called liability coverage. This type of car insurance will help cover the costs of any damage that is caused by the insured driver following a car accident. Despite these laws, it is estimated that around one in four Oklahomans are driving without any form of car insurance whatsoever, as reported by The Southwest Times Record.

The minimum amount of liability coverage that must be maintained by drivers in Oklahoma is broken into three categories: $25,000 to cover an injury or death per person injured; $50,000 total to cover the injury or death of more than one person; and $25,000 to pay for any property damage caused in the accident. If drivers are caught without minimum liability insurance, they might have to pay fines, serve jail time, lose their license, and lose their car’s registration.

Knowing that one in four drivers in uninsured, however, you may want to consider obtaining insurance that covers accidents with uninsured drivers. This form of insurance—very simply called uninsured driver coverage—will help pay for any medical-related care you might need to undergo after an accident with an uninsured driver.

While insurance claims may help to offset some of the costs associated with a car accident, the Fort Smith personal injury attorneys at McCutchen Napurano - The Law Firm understand that more may be necessary to pursue the compensation you actually need to deal with the costs of your accident and injuries. If you would like to speak with an attorney about the particulars of your accident, please call our offices at (479) 783-0036 today.