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New study reveals commonality of medication errors during surgery

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Posted on Wednesday, November 4th, 2015 at 10:43 pm    

A new study by the Massachusetts General Hospital found that, on average, nearly half of all surgeries involve medication errors directly before, during, or after surgery. This study involved 277 surgeries, in which 124 errors were made that resulted in adverse drug effects. There were over 3,675 medications givens to patients involved in the study, as most patients are administered a combination of medications during the full length of their treatment.

There were 193 medication errors or negative effects resulting from the 3,675 drugs administered. Of these, 80 percent of the errors were reported to have been preventable. Many of these mistakes are due to loosened standards in surgical settings. The fast-paced and critical nature of surgery often means that immediate action is necessary and standard medication testing is forgone.

The study also revealed that over 60 percent of reported drug errors were “serious” and 2 percent were life-threatening. The rest of the medication errors were categorized as “significant.”

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