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Common Causes of Limb Loss

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Posted on Tuesday, May 16th, 2017 at 6:32 pm    

With 50,000 new amputations taking place in the U.S. every year, limb loss is an unfortunately common occurrence according to the National Center for Health Statistics. Limb loss can occur for a variety of reasons, but if the limb is amputated properly, amputees can go on to live happy, fulfilling, and independent lives. Although limb loss can result from a variety of situations, a few of the most common causes of limb loss include:

  1. Diabetes: Toes, feet, and legs are the most common limbs to be amputated because of diabetes. Monitoring your blood sugar levels and taking insulin are the best ways to control diabetes and prevent amputation. Sometimes diabetes can lead to peripheral artery disease, which may reduce blood flow to your feet and legs, additionally causing nerve damage that can cause you not to feel pain in the affected area. If you cannot feel pain, you may not notice a wound or ulcer that can result in tissue damage and other infections, which may require amputation.
  2. Trauma: Trauma to limbs from a variety of accidents may also necessitate amputation. Common traumas that result in amputation are power tool accidents, car accidents, factory and construction accidents, and electrocution. In some cases, reattachment of the limb is possible, but this possibility depends on how the limb was cut and the state of the severed limb.
  3. Infections: Another leading cause of amputations is infections. Infections can occur for a variety of reasons and may be the complications from surgeries or other procedures. Doctors will take many steps to try to stop the infection first, usually by using antibiotics. If the infection does not go away, however, it may cause tissue to die and amputation may be necessary.

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