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At the 1787, Constitutional Convention there was a proposal to limit the standing army to 5,000 men. George Washington sarcastically agreed with this provision as long as a stipulation was added that no invading army could number more than 3,000 troops. ¹

Sometimes, legislatures just don’t get it.

As part of his dedication to the people of Arkansas and Oklahoma Joey McCutchen has spent a decade challenging legislation he felt was unfair, or helped create fair legislation.

In 2009, sponsored by Senator Denny Altes, Joey drafted legislation (SB251) stopping the unethical practice of obtaining police reports or other documents for a 30-day waiting period after an accident occurred. Both Altes and McCuthcen believed this was preying on people while they were most vulnerable.

In this same legislative session McCutchen supported bill SB217 creating mandatory tests of accident victims where there was a likelihood of death or a person deceased at the scene.

Also in 2009, Joey was a strong advocate of Act 423. This law prohibited drivers from using cellular phones for texting and other purposes. Part of this bill was signed as Act 181 of 2009. (See the link below for more information) ²

Consumers in all parts of the country are unsatisfied that Insurance CEO’s are paid millions of dollars in salaries and bonuses. McCutchen agreed consumers were being treated unfairly and testified on bill SB43 which would later be called the “Any Willing Provider” law. (2005) He demonstrated the unfair business practice of forcing patients to select from a list of those they could seek services from.

Severely limiting the rights of persons living in nursing homes McCutchen made several trips to the capital until the bill HB2411 was defeated (2001).

Arkansas HB1038 (2003) involving Caps on Punitive Damages; Joint and Several Liability; Periodic Payment of Future Damages; Affidavit of Merit; Venue Reform and Expert Witnesses was viewed by McCutchen as unconstitutional. Joey showed this viewpoint when he testified before the House Judicial Committee. He offered an alternative creating “Insurance Reform”.

Both McCutchen and Sexton are active in studying Insurance Reform. There are plans to protect citizens and physicians from rate increases without justification. There have been two sections of Act 649 declared unconstitutional. (See the link below for more information) ³

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